What is Studio Aska?

Creative artist Aska depicts Japanese fantasy by combining Japanese traditional & modern fashion. She brings the Japanese fantasy world to life with crafts, costume design, and photography. She wants to spread the culture of traditional kimono, samurai wear, historical costumes, and Wa-gothic/lolita fashion.



About Aska….

Aska grew up in Japan, and has been surrounded by kimono culture since she was very young. She learned the basics from her grandmother, who was a teacher of Kimono-dress.

When she was teenager, she started making cosplay costume when she discovered a fashion magazine called “The Gothic/Lolita Bible”, which opened her eyes to a whole new world. She decided that she would depict her fantasy through photo and video.

In the US she became involved in projects with modern dancers, and helped with their performances as a photographer and costume designer. Since then, she has made several modern dance costumes for various projects.

In the past few years, she started making Tsumami-zaiku crafts. She’s been participating in anime conventions and craft fairs in New England/New York area as a vendor.