What is Tsumami-zaiku(つまみ細工)

Tsumami-zaiku is also known as Edo-tsumami. It is a traditional craft method from the Edo period (1603-1868), characterized by folding thin fabrics. This method is famous for Tsumami Kanzashi, which is a hair accessory used when wearing kimono.

Normally, to put kanzashi on, you have to have long hair. However, there are lots of women who have short hair. I specialize in kanzashi for women who have shorter hair.



☆I accepts commissions for custom orders.☆

Prices are based on which type of flower and material you want.

I can also accept commissions for other crafts, including:

 * Kimono costume accessory

*Asian knot buttons



   *Japanese flip-flops

  Please contact me for more details. Thank you!