Face mask ear bands holder- DoubleBow


This is a hair clip accessory with elastic band hooks for your face mask ear bands. 

It holds face mask and helps to keep wearing mask long time without hurting your ears.


Here is your choice:

4.Gray Lace(sold out)


*Please note your choice when you check out.

**This holder comes with 1/2″lobster clasp(C).

If you prefer to switch it to a snap hook(a) or a larger lobster clasp(b), please note when you check out.


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-Bow: (Please see “Additional Information”)

-Base: Elastic band/ Metal ribbon ends/ 2″Double prong clip/ 1/2″ Lobster clasp

[available to switch it to snap hook(a) or a larger lobster clasp(b)]



Total size: about 3 inch length x 5inch wide

Elastic band: about 4 1/2inch long



Additional information

Weight 0.5 oz
Dimensions 3 × 5 × 1 in
4.Gray lace

polyester cotton & cotton lace

5.Gray & Gold

polyester cotton & cotton


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