[#010] Kanzashi bobby pin (Sm)



This is Kanzashi style bobby pins with Asian knot/dangling fall accessories(Small).

This design is inspired by traditional Kanzashi with Tsumami falls. It is used 2 inch bobby pin.


*This product is made to order. Please read this carefully*

  • It will take about 3-5 days to make after I receive an order.
  • The final product’s fabric pattern, color and dangling charm may vary from the photos.
  • Contact me for color and pattern combination availability and more details that you would like before ordering.



This bobby pins are good with modern dress, Japanese Yukata, Kimono, or Lolita fashion [especially Wa-Gothic Lolita(Kimono-Gothic Lolita) dress].



Tsumami flower/danglings: Antique Kimono Fabrics (Japanese Silk) OR Modern Kimono fabrics(cotton or Polly)

Asian knot: Nylon cord


Bobby pin– 2 inch
Flower– about 1 inch
Fall’s length– about 3 1/2 inch


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